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Setting Goals

I’ve been setting a lot of goals lately in different areas of my life. I’ve learned, for fitness and weight loss goals, my best bet is to set small mini goals and not look at the big picture very often. For me, the big picture can be so overwhelming as to be discouraging, instead of exciting.

Recently, I’ve been getting nudged to think about writing again. For some years now I’ve accepted the fact that, while I can be a good writer, I am not a driven writer. This was made especially clear to me after reading On Writing by Stephen King. Five thousand words a day, every day. Every. Single. Day. He did it, he had to do it. He still does it. Real writers can’t stop writing.  I can stop writing. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to fit writing in.  So, therefore, I’m not a real writer. Right?

But maybe there is room for the kind of writer I am…somewhere.

Through a strange series of events involving Twitter, and NASCAR, of all things, I was introduced to an organization called Delve Writing. Their premise is intriguing and I have signed up for a two week trial of their services. Today I will be sitting in on a “check in,” where those in the group have a weekly chance to say how they are doing on the writing goals they have set for themselves, whatever those might be.  In preparation, I have printed out their “Intention” worksheet. There is a large blank square to write my long-term vision in the present tense.  I’ve been staring at it for a while.

I know what I’m supposed to want to write in that box. I’m supposed to be excited to write “I am a widely published and sought after author who writes bestselling books.” That would be cool, wouldn’t it?  But I can’t write it, because I’m not sure that is my intention.

So I try to picture what I’d like my writing life to be like. What I picture is a full inbox of email. Some are asking me to edit novels (because I have no doubt that I am a real editor–most of the time).  But a lot of those emails are asking me to write things. “Dear Lori, can you write us a humor piece on weight loss? Hi Lori–Do you remember that article you wrote last year on being a female who likes motor racing? Could you do a follow up on….”

But how do you write that as a goal? Is that even a legitimate goal? I haven’t written that one down either, because I have no idea of the steps I’d need to take to get to that place–which is the next part of the worksheet.

I had wondered if maybe I was just too scared or feeling too small to write that I wanted to be a published author, because it was such a big picture goal. But now I really think that’s not necessarily what I want, although I would certainly take it.

But maybe all that means is that I’m not a real writer. Round and round I go…


Catching Up

Until recently, my last post on this blog was early in 2007. Back then, I had a pretty good following, and blogging was maybe a bigger thing than it is now. I enjoyed it as an outlet for writing without the pressure of actually trying to be skillful at it. No plot, no rising action, no climax, no denoument. Oddly enough, the more people that followed and commented, the less I wanted to write. I felt this huge pressure to write something every day and to be witty, funny, and/or insightful with every post.

That year, 2007, also brought a huge change into my life. But the things it changed for me, while mostly good, were not something that I wanted to blog about.* I had always been really open and honest on my blog, and having a huge chunk of my life that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing (not even with some of my family and friends) made it hard to sit and write a post. Too many things to skirt around, too many names to change.

My life is so different now that 20 years could have passed instead of six. I’m not going to go over those six years for you in detail, but know that I did a lot of growing up, a lot of learning what my limits are, and, thankfully, was very loved and loved hard back…like I always have.

Now I live in an amazing house that I share with my brother, who for the last 27 years has lived in Austin, TX but moved up here to Pennsylvania in April. He was 16 when I was born and left home at 18, so it’s pretty fair to say that we never lived together. We’re learning now, as adults, how to be siblings and housemates. And I’d say we are navigating that territory fairly well so far. I have a dog now, which is something that I have wanted all my life. I’m still working at the same place (since 2003) but I briefly stopped being an editor, became a project manager, and now I’m the editor again.

I’m not going to commit myself to posting daily here, because I think that I would just feel overwhelmed, but I do want to post again. I think the next few posts I’ll cover a few things from the past, and then we’ll move forward together. All…3 of you…and me.

*Just FYI–no I didn’t get married, get divorced, get pregnant, or have a baby.


I tried it there, I tried it here. I think the whole point is that I’m done with it. I really don’t want to lose touch with the friends I’ve made through and around blogging, but I’m obviously not making an effort to post. And when I do post it’s too much of an effort. So while I’m not going to delete this, I’m probably not going to be adding to it either. Consider this an indefinite sabbatical. And guys…Sally, Becky, Wes, Sarah, bella, etc. Email me sometimes!

That’s just plain crazy

Last night I was watching a rerun of CSI: Miami. You know, the one where the redheaded guy takes on and off his sunglasses poignantly and the long haired blonde girl mumbles everything she says. Yeah, that’s the one.

Anyway, the episode involved a woman who blogged while at work (who would do such a thing?) using a virtual keyboard projected with lasers (um, OK) which then transmitted to her PDA. As they were uncoding her scheme they mentioned that a lot of bloggers will leave secret messages within their posts by leaving a font the same color as the backround. And blog readers, savvy creatures that they are, know to highlight the text so they can read it.

The meeting to plan for world domination takes place tonight at my house. 6 p.m. BYOB

I just want to say how ridiculous I thought this whole plot was. It must have been written when they thought bloggers were going to take over the world.

Blogspot kicks me in the ass on the way out

I knew knew knew that I shouldn’t have switched to the new version of Blogger, even after it was out of Beta. But I wanted those labels you see. And I didn’t take the time to see that WordPress has labels/categories and all sort of lovely widgets that I am now exploring.

WordPress can import from Blogger, but only from the Old Blogger. Oh, no big deal, I thought…I’ve only posted a few times since switching to the new sign in, I’ll just import what I can. But nooooo, Blogger laughs in my face. “HA HA! It says, you can see your old login, but it doesn’t work anymore.”

So do I try to manually import my archives? Just leave the old blog up? Losing them is really not an option, theres a lot of writing and time there from now until 2004.

It does seem fitting, however, that my first post on WordPress is a rant against Blogger.


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Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song,
A medley of extemporanea;
And love is a thing that can never go wrong;
And I am Marie of Romania.

Dorothy Parker, Not So Deep as a Well (1937)