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To Help

Here are some of the places that are taking donations to help those affected by the Tsunami in Indonesia:

To provide assistance to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami along the Indian Ocean, send donations to, or contact, one of these agencies:





P.O. BOX 60789



People can be so lame

I have a number of blogs bookmarked that I read every morning when I log on at work. I kept looking at them either because they were well-written, about something I find interesting, or just so lame that you can’t help looking. Sometimes I post a comment. The comments are never mean, as far as I recall. Comments are the part of this blog medium that I like best. It makes it more an interactive exercise than a journal. If you don’t want comments, either do what Invisible Ben did, or write in a friggin’ spiral-bound notebook and hide it between your mattress. Whether or not you want your blog to be for just you and your friends and your own inside jokes, you’re posting your life on the mf-ing internet. You get what you get, it isn’t a slam book.

Because I don’t want to start a feud, I won’t link to the blog/blogger I’m talking about, but this said person wrote a post on her feelings about a guy, whether he loved her truly or just thought he did, whether she wanted to love him back, etc. etc. Her posts are always intelligent, well-crafted, and funny, that’s why I read her blog in the first place. Sometimes at the end of her post she’ll say “any advice?” Well, apparently she meant “do any of the people who are my friends and read my blog even though I’ve probably told them all this already in person have any advice for me?” I thought I had something worthwhile to contribute, so I posted a comment. She didn’t think said comment was worthwhile and she deleted it, which is fair enough. But then she felt like she had to post on how she writes pretending that no one out there exists, that she doesn’t want advice, and that she’s going to continue deleting comments.

Well, needless to say, great writer or not, hers is not a blog that I’m going to bother reading anymore. I know that not only will she not care, she’ll be glad. It just really rubbed me the wrong way. I thought that I was unbelievably self-centered, but that has to take the cake. I hope the guy that loves her reads her blog.

A Cry for Help

OK, I need to borrow someone’s genius for a second because mine seems to be on the fritz.

I’ll start with background. My mom lives alone. Granted I spend quite a few nights there, but technically she lives alone. She’s old(ish) and small, her back hurts a lot and, probably most important, she’s really meek.

The townhouse she lives in is attached to another house on both sides. There’s a tiny front porch. Leading up to this porch is an L-shaped sidewalk bordered on the side toward the street by a likewise L-shaped “garden” about 3 or four feet wide.

Now whether they are ignorant, stupid, careless, or whathaveyou I’ve seen her neighbors to the left (closest to this garden) walk from their yard straight through our garden and walk across my mom’s private sidewalk to cross our driveway and visit a neighbor down the road. They’re practically crossing about 2 feet in front of her front window when they do this. They do it in the summer when we have flowers there, they do it in the winter when there is snow there…it’s really pretty fucking annoying. And to top it off, when my brother, D, was visiting he installed and wired those lights that are dug into the ground in a series and turn on by a timer to light the walkway–and they STEP ON these too! They crash the lids off, they knock the light right off the stem..gah! I’m always bending over to put them back together and one of these days they’re just going to plain break. My mom paid for them, my brother took part of his vacation to install them, and our lousy neighbors have taken it upon themselves to destroy them–whether it’s the neighbors themselves or their mangy cats that lie on my mother’s porch.

Now you’re thinking, well, obviously someone has to say something to the neighbors. We have. In fact, mom said something to another neighbor who was dragging the cord of a power washer across the flowers in the our garden to the above neighbor’s house and she got called a bitch, he knocked on her window so he could yell and scream some more, and now she’s afraid every time she sees him.

We’ve basically become resigned to the fact that they just plain suck and they’re going to walk through the garden no matter what. But I’d at least like to keep the lanterns in working order. I was thinking that I’d like to create some sort of box with holes in it to surround them with which is somehow anchored deep in the ground (and ideally would, if they stepped on it, explode like a landmine and burst into flames, catching them on fire so I can watch them run screaming into the night)and I need some design and execution ideas. Help?

Burning Question

OK Bloggers:

When life is just going along it’s normal track…

When nothing funny happens to you or anyone else you know…

When things are a bit short of amazing…

Do you

a) not post?

b) write a post noting how normal and uninteresting things are?

c) make up something?

P.S. Don’t even think about saying I should discuss the current political climate, oh serious one.

He might like to paint me, but I don’t think I would like the results!

You have the Reynolds girl look. Reynolds girls had
the typical British beauty. The eighteenth
century British portrait painters would have
been attracted by your brilliant complexion and
your classical features. Sir Joshua Reynolds
loved to paint girls like you in white dresses
with blue satin sashes. Reynolds and other
portrait painters of his time also portrayed
blue eyed, dark-haired girls, and golden-haired
ones too, plus the occasional red-head. The
following painters would have painted you; Sir
Joshua Reynolds and Sir Thomas Lawrence.

‘Pretty As A Picture’ – Which Artist Would Paint You?
brought to you by Quizilla

And in this corner….weighing in at…

I almost didn’t go to WW today. All the Christmas goodies I ate…

I lost 3.6 pounds in a week.

Normally you lose like that at first, then it slows down to like a pound or two a week. I’ll take it.

Yay me!!!

The Authority Saga Continues

My loyal and devoted readers might remember my fairly recent fight with Hyundai (and here, and here) and more specifically Fred Beans Hyundai of Doylestown, PA. I have a copy of my check from Hyundai Motor America in a frame on my desk to gloat over; however, Fred Beans itself has never acknowledged my letter at all. I don’t know if Hyundai contacted them or not, either. Despite all that, I learned something rather gratifying today. When you Google Fred Beans, my complaint letter appears as the 7th link down on the first page (I submitted it to so, with any luck, a lot of people are seeing it when they look up the dealership!


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Dorothy Parker, Not So Deep as a Well (1937)