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Pahty Wicked Hahd Core

I’m so psyched! In about one hour (hopefully, if engineer #2 gets his report finished) I’m heading up to Boston for the weekend to party with all the Red Sox fans. Quick, someone tell me something about baseball!

Should be awesome to get out and party and try to forget about all the crap that happened this week. Well, happened long ago, but I found out about this week, actually. No, I don’t plan on trying to get “revenge” by acting like a slut, Paul, but thanks. ;o) One costume required party (but I only found out about it last night, so I’m just going to be a cowgirl because I already had the hat) one costume optional party, and 25 hours of Saturday to get in to all sorts of trouble.

Expect pictures.

Getting caught is the mother of invention.
–Robert Byrne

Partying is such sweet sorrow.
–Robert Byrne


In Which the Flower Returns Home Triumphant from the Crusades

Ok, so yesterday was horrid. And the news I learned this morning only topped it, but I refuse to post anymore on him.

But life goes on and I’m feeling quite proud of myself now. I returned a call from Tara at Hyundai just now.

“Purely as a gesture of good will” Hyundai is going to reimburse me the $113 I paid for the O2 sensor. “We generally will not reimburse for things out of warranty.” But you are, now, aren’t you? So that means you knew that I was right and YOU, Hyundai Motor American and Fred Beans Hyundai of Doylestown, were wrong. I’m so glad that you “understand my frustration.”

Ner ner, I win, I win, I win. Hyundai’s are still crappy, unsafe cars, though. So there.

Lost and Found

I was so proud of myself that the hurt was finally going away. I would go for days without really thinking about him. Then weeks without talking to him. Weeks without even wondering how he was. The memories were good things, they didn’t hurt anymore, when I did think about them. I thought it was finally over.

I didn’t realize that I had based my entire “recovery” on a false assumption. I WANTED to think that no matter what he said, the reason he didn’t want me anymore was because we were so far apart. He could have told me a million times (and he pratically did) that he didn’t think we were really right for each other. That he thought I was “nice” but I wasn’t the girl he wanted to marry. Something in my mind couldn’t fathom this. It seemed illogical to me to go out with someone for 3 years and then decide that they were no longer “right.” But he never lies, I should have known he wasn’t lying.

I felt my heart in my throat when he told me he was seeing someone now. Why? And then when he told me it was her and that she was living in Wisconsin, I really for a moment thought I was going to throw up. His parents must really have hated me to set him up with another American while we were still going out.

How can this still hurt so much? The thought of someone else knowing him. Having special “anniversaries” with him. Hearing him sing. Why does it still hurt so much? How can it have been this long?

We’ve been talking periodically since the day we broke up. He is consistantly apologizing for the way he handled things with me. I wanted to be able to be his friend. I tried really hard, and maybe it was working for a while. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t be his anything.

I want my things back (namely my rock climbing shoes). I’ll send you back whatever you want. But I can’t talk to you anymore. I feel betrayed that you’ve chosen another situation like ours. And if I ever found out that you moved for her, like you would not do for me, I would be so angry. So I think the best thing is if I try to forget that you exist. I hope you never hurt like this.

Update on my battle with Corporate America

Ok folks, here’s the latest:

October 20, 2004:

Letter (see previous post “I Fight Authority. . .Will Authority Always Win?”) sent to Mr. Eric Surine, Service Manger, Fred Beans Hyundai, Doylestown, PA. CC’d to General Mangage of Fred Beans, the President and CEO of Hyndai Motor America, and the Better Business Bureau. Posted here on my blog and also on

October 26, 2004:

Telephone call from Tara at Hyundai Motor America’s coporate HQ in California. She had received and read my letter. She apologized for the bad experience I had. (Which actually went pretty far in my book.) Then she asked if I had paid for the repairs. When I told her that I had, she asked me to fax her a copy of my registration, a copy of the work order, and proof of payment. When she gets them she’ll review my case further. I had the work order and the registration, but I had to call Fred Beans to get them to fax a copy of my signed receipt.

I hope that I get my money back. However, even if it goes no further than this, someone DID call me. And I have a feeling that Fred Beans of Doylestown will probably be hearing from them, too. Yay me! I’ll keep you guys updated.

Self-portrait taken yesterday on my solitary hik…

Self-portrait taken yesterday on my solitary hike on the trails at Peace Valley Nature Center Posted by Hello

The view from the house that we stayed in. I woke…

The view from the house that we stayed in. I woke up to the sun coming up over those moutains outside my bedroom window. It was amazing! Posted by Hello

House of a family friend that we stayed in on my m…

House of a family friend that we stayed in on my mini-vacation. Nice, huh? Posted by Hello


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Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song,
A medley of extemporanea;
And love is a thing that can never go wrong;
And I am Marie of Romania.

Dorothy Parker, Not So Deep as a Well (1937)